Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well our trip to Hilton Head was almost two months ago. I had worked myself up to taking a family portrait and actually quite content with how it turned out. Now here is it is two months later and it is beautifully framed and still sitting on the floor. I keep looking at the last family photo we had taken and cannot bring myself to replace it. We all looked so happy and on top of the world. I look at the photo and wonder what it would be like to actually be that happy again. More importantly we had Evan. We were living life with our two beautiful little boys and couldn't have been any more grateful! We had light in our eyes and the glow on our faces showed it.
I am all to aware that when I take this family portrait down I will never again have a photo with all the members of our family. I had to settle with Evan's name in the sand. I had intended to put our new family photo on the wall along with two boys on one side and Evan's name on the other. That is just NOT the way it is suppose to be!


Macie's family said...

Oh Daven,
I hate that we have to do this. NEVER take that photo down....hang them side by side in matching frames or is just to precious. I wish so much that we didn't have to walk this path. I pray daily that there will be a reason, and that this will all make sense when we see Evan and Macie again.
Lots of love!

Alexander's Mommy said...

I really hate that any of us have to make these kinds of decisions. This isn't the way life is supposed to be.

Dan, Alexander and I were a happy family 20 months ago and now it's a struggle to get through each day.

I agree with Amanda. Keep both photos and hang them side by side.


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