Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Hard Lesson Learned

What I have learned from the tragic death of our son...

Bad things really can happen to my family

Time will NOT heal this gaping hole in my heart

Crying everyday is part of my life and that's okay

Grave blankets come in "child size"

Headstones are covered under home owners insurance

That children really can die for no apparent reason

That the coroner and medical examiner aren't the same

To lean on my husband (I am so lucky to have him)

The bond between siblings is unlike any other ( I believe that Noah has a special connection to Evan that we don't)

That a band aid or a kiss won't make Noah's pain any better

I love my sister more than I ever knew

This isn't a dream and I'm not going to wake up

Sleep is overrated

Coffee is a good thing

Life is precious and can be taken away at any moment

We may never know how or why Evan was taken from us

My friends are such a blessing in my life

Grief has many side effects (Hair loss, weight changes, anxiety)

Finding true happiness is a daily struggle

Behind every smile is a fountain of tears

Sitting in the cemetery and pleading for God to send him back doesn't work

It's the things I don't expect that are the hardest

Don't sweat the small stuff

People can and will cause us more pain even after suffering the loss of our son

Sitting in the cemetery in the dark is not scary

I have been referred to as "that mom"

I am no longer scared of dying

That life is NOT fair (Child abusers get to keep their children)

Losing a child is a life sentence

To trust in God and know that He is always there for me!


Delenn said...

Tough lessons to learn.

I like your new blog design.


Kairos said...

Indeed the lessons are tough. I hate learning them.
Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

It really sucks and I wish we didn't have to learn these lessons.

Love the new blog design.

Jenny said...

What a absolute perfect post. I agree with every little bit. I'm so sorry for all the mommys reading here who have lost their angels. Still can't believe mines gone :(

Jessica said...

Hmm I seem to share the same lessons. Especially the pleading at the cemetery (which I still do) and that cemeteries are not scary after dark.

MPWife 153 (Heather) said...

I feel the need to print this blog out & hand it to everyone who "doesn't get it."


"While we try and teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."