Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That Time Of The Year

It is yet again that dreaded time of year for us. The month of May used to be such an awesome time as Evan's birthday was approaching and we were always busy planning a party. Planning a party is exactly what I SHOULD be doing right now. I should be taking him to pick out party supplies while arguing with him about the number of people he should invite. Nate and I used to spend hours getting the yard ready. I always loved the smell of honeysuckle and the fresh flowers everywhere. The trees are usually blooming and everyone is out enjoying the beautiful weather. Now all of that just brings the emotions surrounding his death even more prevalent. I feel bombarded with Mother's Day, Evan's birthday, and the anniversary of his death all in one month. On top of that all the other kiddos we are close too are also celebrating May birthdays and growing older.

I have to say though, this past Mothers Day was absolutely wonderful. We traveled over to the Missouri Botanical Gardens and let the kids play. We walked through the endless beauty of the gardens while taking some great photos of our kiddos. It was just a relaxing day spent with family who loves us! My sweet hubby bought me such a beautiful Emerald ring in honor of Evan's birthday.

Here are a few pics from Mother's Day...

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