Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Memory of Evan

On Monday, Evan's school conducted a Memorial Dedication in his honor. It was so sweet and so special. Back in September, the school had a small fundraiser to raise money for a bench, a plaque, and a maple tree. The bench was red and below it the plaque depicted Spiderman and my favorite quote. Everything was set up just across from the playground where he played. I am certain that Evan would be proud, being the fact that he LOVED recess! We also sent bubbles up to Heaven!

The dedication was certainly moving, yet hard all at the same time. Some of Evan's classmates from last year also attended. Seeing how much they have all grown in a year was hard. They have all changed so much. Of course this made me wonder what Evan would be like today. I know that it has not been long since Evan died, but I will never again get to see how he changes. He will always be 6 years old to us.

One little boy was wearing his T-ball shirt from last year, which had #4 on the sleeve. Evan's T-ball number was 4. It was so great to see him wearing his shirt in honor of Evan. After Evan passed away, all the little boys had his number put on their sleeve. While I was thinking of T-ball, I figured I would share this picture. I absolutely love his sweet little smile in this picture. And of course, that is daddy in the background with the video camera!

Getting to see Evan's teacher and principle was also wonderful! Evan loved his teacher very much. I can only pray that Noah will be lucky enough to have her when he gets to Kindergarten. It will also be so special for Noah to play on the playground where there is a Memorial dedicated to his big brother. Notice I said when! I am really trying hard to think positive about our future.

Nathan and I were so moved by this dedication! It is truly amazing how many people came together to honor our son. There are so many people that we cannot even begin to thank. This is yet again, another blessing in the midst of tragedy...



Susan Smith-Alltop said...

What a wonderful memorial of Evan, bittersweet too. Hugs to you~~~~Susan

Kari said...

It looks beautiful Daven - I checked it out when I picked Lexie up on Monday. Wish I could have been there. He is smiling down from Heaven on that memorial. Big hugs to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks so beautiful! I'm so sorry we were sick and not able to make the dedication. What a wonderful way to remember Evan. I love the pic of him in his tee-ball outfit with Nate in the backround.

See you soon!

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