Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Reason To Shop At Kohls!

Okay, so if you ever need a reason to shop at Kohls, I will give you a good one. Back in August or maybe even September, one of the girls on "Team Evan" went into the Edwardsville Kohls soliciting a donation for the benefit. They were very receptive to helping! The manager stated that she had to contact the cooperate office to see what their store could do. Kohls ended up donating $500 to SUDC in honor of Evan! That is just awesome!! I expected a small donation of maybe $50 or so, but $500 just made our day! I am so excited! That brings our grand total up to $13, 500 raised and sent to SUDC on behalf of Evan! In addition to their donation, Kohls offered to send a few employees to help at the benefit. We graciously told them that we had enough people to help. Kohls then sent a group of employees to play trivia. So, when your doing your holiday shopping, remember to shop at Kohls. When they say "Kohls Care For Kids", they really mean that!!!

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